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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

VP new reviews - 27feb06

Added to www.vanityproject.co.uk today

Album Reviews
*Air Formation – Daylight Storms (Club AC30).
*Airport Girl – Slow Light (Fortuna Pop!).
*Antifamily – Antifamily (Difficult Fun).
*Autokat – Late Night Shopping (Akoustik Anarkhy).
*Betika – Halflove (Pawthorn).
*Captain Polaroid – Other Short Stories And Better Works of Fiction (Filthy Little Angels).
*Desert Hearts – Hotsy Totsy Nagasaki (Gargleblast/No Dancing).
*The Fall – Reformation Post TLC (Slogan).
*Hot Gossip – Angles (Ghost).
*Jerry Fels – Live In Your Bedroom (Nobodys Favorite).
*Manatees – Untitled (Motivesounds).
*Nat Baldwin – Lights Out (Broken Sparrow).
*Patrick Wolf - The Magic Potion (Polydor).
*Phelan Sheppard – Harps Old Master (Leaf).
*Piskie Sits – The Secret Sickliness (Wrath).
*The Playing Fields – Hello New World (CactiShed).
*Riotmind – Start.
*Sailboats Are White – Turbo! (Poptones).
*The Scaramanga Six – The Dance Of Death (Wrath).
*Stuffy/The Fuses - Angels Are Ace (Advanced Cat Skills).
*Superkings – Secret Chiefs.

Single Reviews
*Armstrong – Reinvent The Scene (Organic).
*Balor Knights – Tornado/Get Straight (Phantom Power).
*Chris Hallam – Silhouettes (Ordinary Life).
*The Hermit Crabs – Feel Good Factor EP (Matinée).
*Pan Electric – Ethiopia (Chillosophy).
*South Central – Nothing Can Go Wrong (art/goes/pop).
*Sovereign Heights – 81.
*Steveless/Syd Howells – Cutlery (FuKu).
*Steveless/Syd Howells – Teeth Like Tombstones, Eyes Like Coal (FuKu).
*The Walk Off – Vader Fader (Hungry Audio).

Live Reviews
*16 Bronsons. Portsmouth Registry. 15feb07.
*Autons. Shoreditch Cargo. 06feb07.
*Das Wanderlust, Retro Spankees, Persil, Inner City Pirates. Cardiff Chapter Arts Centre. 16feb07.
*Miss Odd Kid, Big Joan, Shuffle, Cruiser Chimps. Hoxton Macbeth. 24feb07.

Zine Reviews
*Shadowplay #19

and that, I'm sad to say, is yer lot.

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

VP writers best of 2006

In the following 3 posts, you will find the Top 10s (or thereabouts) for 3 of VP's regular contributors.

You can scroll down or link directly, should you have ended up in this post and are not sure how.

Skif's Top 10's

Grebo's Top 10's

David Adair's Top 10

On his own blog, Silent Words Speak Loudest, another of our contributors, Ben, has supplied extensive personal listings for 2006.

SWSL Top 10 Albums

SWSL Top Singles

SWSL Top 10 Gigs

VP writers best of 2006: Skif

The Gasman – This One’s For You
North Sea Radio Orchestra – North Sea Radio Orchestra
Scott Walker – The Drift
James Yorkston – The Year Of The Leopard
Dufus – The Last Classed Blast
Gareth S. Brown – Iron Henry
Smokers Die Younger – X Wants The Meat
That Fucking Tank - Day Of Death By Bono Adrenalin Shot
Zea – Insert Parallel Universe
Various – This Is Love

Soft Priest – Done It! EP
Cannonball Jane – Take It To Fantastic
Mew – Why Are You Looking Grave?
Xerox Teens – Round/Sometimes It’s Hard To Beat A Woman
Electroluvs – Boy Don’t Bother/Teenage Timebomb
Dungen - Festival
Be Your Own Pet – Adventure
Dilated Peoples – Back Again
Kings Have Long Arms – Lisa Riley/It Feels Like I’m In Love
Catnap – Have You Seen Larry?

Cardiacs. London Astoria. 10nov06.
Shitdisco. Liverpool Barfly. 16mar06.
Only Son. Liverpool Carling Academy. 30jan06.
Stuffy/The Fuses. Herne Hill Half moon. 21dec06.
Gogol Bordello. Manchester Academy 2. 11mar06.
The Research. Liverpool Barfly. 18jan06.
White Rose Movement. Liverpool Barfly. 01mar06.
Blanche. London Luminaire. 04dec06.
Nina Nastasia + Jeffrey Lewis. London Scala. 28nov06.
Daniel Johnston & friends. London Barbican Hall. 14apr06.

VP writers best of 2006: Grebo

Trash Money – Trash Money (Tragic Records)
John Kastner – Have You Seen Lucky (Boss Tuneage)
Loop Guru – Elderberry Shiftglass (Elsewhen)
Rusty Sheriff – d.e.a.f.? (Twenty Seven Percent)
Lucinda Sieger – Silver Life (Elsewhen)
The Bonesaw Romance – The Bonesaw Romance (Boss Tuneage)
Steve Turner & His Bad Ideas – New Wave Punk Asshole (Funhouse)
Comets On Fire – Avatar (Sub Pop)
Slayer – Christ Illusion (American)
You’re Smiling Now But We’ll all Turn Into Demons – Black Demon Time (Beware The Priest)

Noisettes – Don’t Give Up (Vertigo)
Edgar Jones & The Joneses – More Than You’ve Ever Had! (Viper)
Bluesky Research - True Spirit (Research Recordings)
Dead Kids – The Dead Wife Pills (Fierce Panda)
The Hedrons – I Need You (Measured Records)
The Exits – You Gotta Help Me Out (Demo)
Mach Schau – Necessary Evils (Demo)
The Horrors – Count In Fives (Loog)
Gene Serene – I Can Do Anything/Sound Of The Crowd EP (ORG)
Ninja Massacre – The Masterplan (Self Released)

Rusty Sheriff + friends @ The Frog On The Front, Portsmouth.
Motorhead + Clutch @ Portsmouth Guildhall.
Wills & The Willing @ The Frog On The Front, Portsmouth.
Little London + $10 Hookers @ The Frog On The Front.
Trash Money @ The Frog On The Front, Portsmouth.
Aberfeldy @ Portsmouth Guildhall.
Little London + Dragon Eye Morrison + Hellcyon @ The Registry, Portsmouth.
Contra + The Carter Affair + Underdog @ The Frog On The Front, Portsmouth
The Strange Death Of Liberal England + The Demons + Big Squirrel @ The Registry, Portsmouth.
The Exits @ The Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth.
The Bees @ The Albert Tavern, South Parade Pier, Portsmouth.

Worst gig
Guns N Roses @ Nottingham Arena. (Thank the lord I was paid to be there working, because if I had wasted money on that shower of shit I may have killed myself. Complete rubbish!)

VP writers best of 2006: David Adair

1. Lloyd Cole; Antidepressant (Factory Records)
2. Be Your Own Pet; Be Your Own Pet (XL Recordings)
3. Breed 77; In My Blood (Albert Productions)
4. Scott Mathews; Passing Strangers (San Remo)
5. Alexisonfire; Crisis (Hassle Records)
6. Amy Winehouse; Back To Black (Universal Records)
7. The Hold Steady; Boys & Girls In America (Vagrant)
8. Kathryn Williams; Leave To Remain (Caw Records)
9. Mogwai; Zidane A 21st Century Portrait (Pias)
10. Hot Gossip; Hot Gossip (Ghost Records)

Monday, February 05, 2007

VP new reviews - 05feb07

updated on www.vanityproject.co.uk today

Album Reviews
*+ 44 - When Your Heart Stops Beating (Polydor).
*Anon – Violent (Non Applicable Records).
*Arachnotaur – Slo=w Pertinacious Threnody On The Abnegation Of Succour.
*Deerhoof – Friend Opportunity (ATP).
*Dragon or Emperor – Dragon Or Emperor (Pickled Egg).
*The Drones – Gala Mill (ATP).
*Everything On Black – Stain (Something To Listen To).
*Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby (Polydor).
*Little Barrie - Stand Your Ground (Genuine).
*Loop Guru – Elderberry Shiftglass (Elsewhen).
*L Pierre – Dip (Melodic).
*Mandalay – Virgin Passages (Fire).
*Musti Laiton – Collection.
*The Pines – It’s Been A While (Matinée).
*Plus Device – Puncture (Hefty).
*Radicalfashion – Odori (Hefty).
*Transmitters – I Fear No-One (Elsewhen).
*Trash Money – Trash Money (Tragic Records).
*William D. Drake – Briny Hooves (She Bear).
*William D. Drake – Yew’s Paw (Onomatopoeia).
*You Judas – Happiness (Fight Me).

Single Reviews
*Beangrowers – I Like You (Series 8).
*Fanfarlo – Talking Backwards (Fortuna Pop!).
*Gindrinker – Demo.
*Grand Prix ’86 – Everybody’s Dancing/Lights In Your Eyes (I Can Count).
*Grand Volume – History/Fire Come Soon (Fat Northerner) .
*The Hip Priests – Numbers Of The Priests.
*The Hold Steady – Chips Ahoy! (Vagrant).
*The Isles – Summer Loans (Melodic).
*It’s A Buffalo – Broken Toy /Climb Climb (Akoustik Anarkhy).
*Listen With Sarah – My Little Hula Girl/Animal Boum (Cherryade).
*Listen With Sarah – The World Of Listen With Sarah (Cherryade).
*The Maple State – Joanna/Wood and Rain (High Volatge).
*Mark Ronson - Toxic (Columbia).
*Midas – Don’t Dance (Killsound).
*The Nightjars – Cease To Exist (Kiss The Death).
*Switches - Drama Queen (Atlantic).
*X1 – Hypnosis (Curve).

Live Reviews
*Arachnotaur, You’re Smiling Now But We’ll All Turn Into Demons, Sons Of Caine, Frosthold. Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms. 10Jan07.
*The Good, The Bad And The Queen. Portsmouth South Parade Pier. 28jan07.
*Jamie T, The Macabees. Portsmouth Pyramids. 30jan07.
*Little London, Dragon Eye Morrison, Fivemiledrive, Sons Of Caine, Big Squirrel. Portsmouth Guildhall. 27jan07.