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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

VP new reviews - 27feb06

Added to www.vanityproject.co.uk today

Album Reviews
*Air Formation – Daylight Storms (Club AC30).
*Airport Girl – Slow Light (Fortuna Pop!).
*Antifamily – Antifamily (Difficult Fun).
*Autokat – Late Night Shopping (Akoustik Anarkhy).
*Betika – Halflove (Pawthorn).
*Captain Polaroid – Other Short Stories And Better Works of Fiction (Filthy Little Angels).
*Desert Hearts – Hotsy Totsy Nagasaki (Gargleblast/No Dancing).
*The Fall – Reformation Post TLC (Slogan).
*Hot Gossip – Angles (Ghost).
*Jerry Fels – Live In Your Bedroom (Nobodys Favorite).
*Manatees – Untitled (Motivesounds).
*Nat Baldwin – Lights Out (Broken Sparrow).
*Patrick Wolf - The Magic Potion (Polydor).
*Phelan Sheppard – Harps Old Master (Leaf).
*Piskie Sits – The Secret Sickliness (Wrath).
*The Playing Fields – Hello New World (CactiShed).
*Riotmind – Start.
*Sailboats Are White – Turbo! (Poptones).
*The Scaramanga Six – The Dance Of Death (Wrath).
*Stuffy/The Fuses - Angels Are Ace (Advanced Cat Skills).
*Superkings – Secret Chiefs.

Single Reviews
*Armstrong – Reinvent The Scene (Organic).
*Balor Knights – Tornado/Get Straight (Phantom Power).
*Chris Hallam – Silhouettes (Ordinary Life).
*The Hermit Crabs – Feel Good Factor EP (Matinée).
*Pan Electric – Ethiopia (Chillosophy).
*South Central – Nothing Can Go Wrong (art/goes/pop).
*Sovereign Heights – 81.
*Steveless/Syd Howells – Cutlery (FuKu).
*Steveless/Syd Howells – Teeth Like Tombstones, Eyes Like Coal (FuKu).
*The Walk Off – Vader Fader (Hungry Audio).

Live Reviews
*16 Bronsons. Portsmouth Registry. 15feb07.
*Autons. Shoreditch Cargo. 06feb07.
*Das Wanderlust, Retro Spankees, Persil, Inner City Pirates. Cardiff Chapter Arts Centre. 16feb07.
*Miss Odd Kid, Big Joan, Shuffle, Cruiser Chimps. Hoxton Macbeth. 24feb07.

Zine Reviews
*Shadowplay #19

and that, I'm sad to say, is yer lot.

Thanks for your support of Vanity Project.


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