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Monday, February 05, 2007

VP new reviews - 05feb07

updated on www.vanityproject.co.uk today

Album Reviews
*+ 44 - When Your Heart Stops Beating (Polydor).
*Anon – Violent (Non Applicable Records).
*Arachnotaur – Slo=w Pertinacious Threnody On The Abnegation Of Succour.
*Deerhoof – Friend Opportunity (ATP).
*Dragon or Emperor – Dragon Or Emperor (Pickled Egg).
*The Drones – Gala Mill (ATP).
*Everything On Black – Stain (Something To Listen To).
*Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby (Polydor).
*Little Barrie - Stand Your Ground (Genuine).
*Loop Guru – Elderberry Shiftglass (Elsewhen).
*L Pierre – Dip (Melodic).
*Mandalay – Virgin Passages (Fire).
*Musti Laiton – Collection.
*The Pines – It’s Been A While (Matinée).
*Plus Device – Puncture (Hefty).
*Radicalfashion – Odori (Hefty).
*Transmitters – I Fear No-One (Elsewhen).
*Trash Money – Trash Money (Tragic Records).
*William D. Drake – Briny Hooves (She Bear).
*William D. Drake – Yew’s Paw (Onomatopoeia).
*You Judas – Happiness (Fight Me).

Single Reviews
*Beangrowers – I Like You (Series 8).
*Fanfarlo – Talking Backwards (Fortuna Pop!).
*Gindrinker – Demo.
*Grand Prix ’86 – Everybody’s Dancing/Lights In Your Eyes (I Can Count).
*Grand Volume – History/Fire Come Soon (Fat Northerner) .
*The Hip Priests – Numbers Of The Priests.
*The Hold Steady – Chips Ahoy! (Vagrant).
*The Isles – Summer Loans (Melodic).
*It’s A Buffalo – Broken Toy /Climb Climb (Akoustik Anarkhy).
*Listen With Sarah – My Little Hula Girl/Animal Boum (Cherryade).
*Listen With Sarah – The World Of Listen With Sarah (Cherryade).
*The Maple State – Joanna/Wood and Rain (High Volatge).
*Mark Ronson - Toxic (Columbia).
*Midas – Don’t Dance (Killsound).
*The Nightjars – Cease To Exist (Kiss The Death).
*Switches - Drama Queen (Atlantic).
*X1 – Hypnosis (Curve).

Live Reviews
*Arachnotaur, You’re Smiling Now But We’ll All Turn Into Demons, Sons Of Caine, Frosthold. Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms. 10Jan07.
*The Good, The Bad And The Queen. Portsmouth South Parade Pier. 28jan07.
*Jamie T, The Macabees. Portsmouth Pyramids. 30jan07.
*Little London, Dragon Eye Morrison, Fivemiledrive, Sons Of Caine, Big Squirrel. Portsmouth Guildhall. 27jan07.


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