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Sunday, February 18, 2007

VP writers best of 2006: Grebo

Trash Money – Trash Money (Tragic Records)
John Kastner – Have You Seen Lucky (Boss Tuneage)
Loop Guru – Elderberry Shiftglass (Elsewhen)
Rusty Sheriff – d.e.a.f.? (Twenty Seven Percent)
Lucinda Sieger – Silver Life (Elsewhen)
The Bonesaw Romance – The Bonesaw Romance (Boss Tuneage)
Steve Turner & His Bad Ideas – New Wave Punk Asshole (Funhouse)
Comets On Fire – Avatar (Sub Pop)
Slayer – Christ Illusion (American)
You’re Smiling Now But We’ll all Turn Into Demons – Black Demon Time (Beware The Priest)

Noisettes – Don’t Give Up (Vertigo)
Edgar Jones & The Joneses – More Than You’ve Ever Had! (Viper)
Bluesky Research - True Spirit (Research Recordings)
Dead Kids – The Dead Wife Pills (Fierce Panda)
The Hedrons – I Need You (Measured Records)
The Exits – You Gotta Help Me Out (Demo)
Mach Schau – Necessary Evils (Demo)
The Horrors – Count In Fives (Loog)
Gene Serene – I Can Do Anything/Sound Of The Crowd EP (ORG)
Ninja Massacre – The Masterplan (Self Released)

Rusty Sheriff + friends @ The Frog On The Front, Portsmouth.
Motorhead + Clutch @ Portsmouth Guildhall.
Wills & The Willing @ The Frog On The Front, Portsmouth.
Little London + $10 Hookers @ The Frog On The Front.
Trash Money @ The Frog On The Front, Portsmouth.
Aberfeldy @ Portsmouth Guildhall.
Little London + Dragon Eye Morrison + Hellcyon @ The Registry, Portsmouth.
Contra + The Carter Affair + Underdog @ The Frog On The Front, Portsmouth
The Strange Death Of Liberal England + The Demons + Big Squirrel @ The Registry, Portsmouth.
The Exits @ The Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth.
The Bees @ The Albert Tavern, South Parade Pier, Portsmouth.

Worst gig
Guns N Roses @ Nottingham Arena. (Thank the lord I was paid to be there working, because if I had wasted money on that shower of shit I may have killed myself. Complete rubbish!)


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