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Monday, June 12, 2006

VP new reviews - 12jun06

Added to www.vanityproject.co.uk today

Album Reviews:
*The Arrogants – You’ve Always Known When Best To Say Goodbye (Letterbox).
*Boy Kill Boy - Civilian (Vertigo).
*The Charade – A Real Life Drama (Skipping Stones).
*Crack Und Ultra Eczema – What Do You Think You Think? (Tes fesses).
*The Divine Comedy – Victory For The Comic Muse (Parlophone).
*Helene – Routines (Series 8).
*Instant Species – Robert The Bruces Spider (IS).
*John Ludi – Hell’s Laughter and Heaven’s Ache + Rise Above or Fall Below.
*Lovemat – The Fearless Hair Days Of Youth (Disturbia).
*Lucinda Sieger – Silver Life (Sunset Red / Elsewhen Records).
*Magoo – The All Electric Amusement Arcade (Series 8).
*MJ Hibbett & The Validators – We Validate (Artists Against Success).
*Niobe – White Hats (Tomlab).
*Sarandon – The June Bride (Wrath).
*Sucioperro – Random Acts Of Intimacy (Captains Of Industry).
*Sundealers –Tears, Love, Religion (Something To Listen To).
*The Terminal Generation – Our Monstrosity.
*The Triffids – Born Sandy Devotional (Domino).
*Varsity Drag – For Crying Out Loud (Boss Tuneage).
*The Year Zero – Oceania, I Will Return (Skipping Stones).
*You & The Atom Bomb – Shake Shake Hello?! (Sink & Stove).

Single Reviews
*Bigeyeam – Shake It Like Ya Mean It.
*The Black Tulips – We The Lonely Ones.
*Capital X – Pirate Melodies EP.
*Champion Kickboxer – Perforations (Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation).
*Cheveu – DOG (s-s).
*Cheveu – Clara Venus (SDZ/Royal).
*Drunk With Joy – The Beginning (A Maze).
*Fireworks Night – When We Fell Through The Ice/Echo’s Swing (Organgrinder).
*Jack Adaptor – Who Can Shout Loudest (Schnitzel).
*John Stammers – The Fridge (Garden Sticks).
*King Alexander/Male! – Split 7” single (Save Your Wisdom Teeth).
*Ninja Massacre – The Masterplan.
*Onewordpoem – Demonstration .
*Pseudo Mellor – Demo.
*Scissors For Lefty - Ghetto Ways (Rough Trade).
*tKatKa – Lazerslab (Junkbait).
*Waitstill Baxter – Highway EP (Rebeat).

Live Reviews
*Buck 65. Liverpool Barfly Theatre. 15may06.
*Holy Fuck. Liverpool Barfly Theatre. 15may06.
*Robots In Disguise, The Indica Ritual. Liverpool Barfly Loft. 24may06.

Zine Reviews:
*Empty Playground #1.
*Organ #151.
*Phlegm Comic #1, #2, #3.