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Sunday, May 14, 2006

VP new reviews - 14may06

Added to www.vanityproject.co.uk today

Album Reviews
*Being 747 – Health & Safety (Wrath)
*The Capstan Shafts – Springboard To The Boxwine Set (Yellow Mica)
*Elaine Palmer – Waves (Cosmos)
*Elektradog – Demos
*Forest Giants – Welcome To The Mid-West (Cherryade)
*The Haircuts – Sorrow Is The Way To Love (Yellowmica) www.myspace.com/thehaircuts
*Let’s Be Honeys – Popsongs For My Poor Self (Yellowmica) www.behoneys.tk
*Persil – Comfort Noise (Transformed Dreams)
*Planning To Rock – Have It All (Chicks On Speed)
*Riotmind – Look Out Westy
*Scott Walker – The Drift (4AD)
*Tom Kelsall – Tom Kelsall www.tomkelsall.com
*Various – They’ll Have To Catch Us First (Domino)

Single Reviews
*Autokat – Dish Out/Get Off The Bar (Akoustik Anarkhy).
*Bearsuit – Stephen F***ing Spielberg (Fantastic Plastic).
*The Bedroom Singer – Your Lover From Berlin (Yellowmica).
*Circuits – Radio Silence/Half Read Book (Try Science!).
*Diktendo – Sweet & Tender As We Are (Melodrama).
*The Invisible Clock Factory – Penelope Rose/The Quantum Particles Rock And Roll Song.
*Iodo – Walk-On Role.
*King Biscuit Time - Kwangchow (Poptones).
*Luxembourg – We Only Stayed Together For The Kids (Dog Box).
*My Passion – Bitter Too.
*The Playmates – Smash Hits (Wrath).
*The Pocket Gods – Jombal Portal.
*Ralfe Band –Women Of Japan (Skint).
*The Swear – Canis Minor EP.
*Thousand Natural Shocks - Under The Sun/Attack (Play It Again 7).
*Xerox Teens – Xerox Teens EP (Big Billy).

Live Reviews
*Autons, My Passion, You And The Atom Bomb, The Bro’s Grim. Islington Bar Academy. 22apr06.