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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

VP new reviews - 25apr06

Following added to www.vanityproject.co.uk today

Album Reviews:
*Belong - October Language (Carpark).
*The Big Eyes Family Players – Do The Musiking (Pickled Egg).
*Electroluvs – Bubblewrapped (NinthWave).
*Finlay – The Fall Of Mary (Fortuna Pop!).
*Ghostdigital – In Cod We Trust (Honest Jons).
*Kyler – Pur Cosy Tales (Planet Mu).
*Mogwai – Mr Beast (PIAS).
*Rod Stern – Give It Up For Rod Stern (Tapestry).
*Sol Seppy – The Bells Of 1 2 (Grönland).
*Syntaks – Awakes (Benbecula).
*Uncle Ray – In Line With Mr Jimmy (Singer).
*Various – I Can Count Volume 1 (I Can Count).
*Various – The Pig’s Big 78: A Beginner’s Guide (Trikont).
*Zoppo – Don’t Trust Scarred Survivors (Transformed Dreams).

Single Reviews:
*Andy Robbins – First Person (Singular).
*Bib – BOX9 (Dog Box).
*Boys of Scandinavia – Why Do You Love Me? (Mate).
*Diastole – Escalade EP.
*Ejectorseat – Attack! Attack! Attack!
*The Knockouts – D-Zug/El Problemo/Husband Material (Topplers).
*The Ladies – Tissue of Lies EP.
*The Lodger – Let Her Go/We Come From The Same Place (Angular).
*Masque – Peacekeeper EP (Topplers).
*Maude – Fighting Chances.
*Piranha Deathray – BOX10 (Dog Box).
*Quartershade – Captain My Captain/Fragile (Yellow Noise).
*Think-Box – Getting A Rep In The Oval Office.
*This Et Al – Sabbatical (Jealous).
*Voodoo 7:2 – Musical Mountaineers.

Zine Reviews:
*Funky As Fudge #2.
*Shadowplay #17.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Jobs for the boys

Finally getting to see them Autons this Saturday after too long waiting for an opportunity.

To whet my own appetite, I only do this 'zine for my own gratification y'know, an interview was undertaken with said scamps.

You can read it at the VP interview blog site as of NOW!

Monday, April 03, 2006

VP new reviews - 03apr06

Now available to view via www.vanityproject.co.uk

Album Reviews

*Ampersand – Schadenfreude Blue (Banana).
*Breaks Co-op - The Sound Inside (Parlophone).
*Cat Power – The Greatest (Matador).
*Dawn Of The Replicants – Fangs (SL).
*Dilated Peoples – 20/20 (Parlophone).
*Highroad No. 28 – Unsteady & Steady State (DSM99).
*J.Kriste (Master Of Disguise) – This Is The Alternative (Moon).
*Mike K – A Simple Story Simply Told.
*My Latest Novel – Wolves (Bella Union).
*Niall Quinn – Under Some Sky.
*Smokers Die Younger – X Wants The Meat (Detail/Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation).
*Various – This Is Love (Dig Your Own Grave).
*Viva L’American Death Ray Music – In The Meantime (Transsolar).
*Volumen – Science Faction (Wantage).

Single Reviews
*Autons – Snakes/Ice Major (Mouthy).
*Be Your Own Pet – Adventure (XL).
*The Budda Cakes – The Budda Cakes EP.
*Cannonball Jane – Take It To Fantastic/Slumber Party (Fortuna Pop!).
*Commander Swift – Help For The Hopeful.
*The Common Redstarts – Killing Street (Seeca).
*Cyndee Lee Hulko vs. Don Agbai – Split 7” (Vapen & Godis/Dig Your Own Grave).
*Darlings Of The Splitscreen – Dots EP.
*Emit – Gun.
*Forest Giants – Planes Fly Overhead (Cherryade).
*The Pocket Gods – Brian.
*Shallowboi – Invisible Against The Sun (Endless December).
*Soft Priest – Done It! EP (Akoustik Anarkhy).
*They Drove Me To It – Save Me Sinner/Bulletproof.
*Various – Field Recordings EP (Regularbeat).
*The Voom Blooms – Politics and Cigarettes (Fiction).

Live Reviews
*Ladytron, Esa Shields. Liverpool Korova. 22mar06.