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Saturday, March 18, 2006

VP new reviews - 18mar06

Added to www.vanityproject.co.uk today

Album Reviews:
*Julie’s Haircut – After Dark, My Sweet (Homesleep).
*Mad Juana – Acoustic Voodoo (Diesel Motor/XIE).
*Mark Mandeville – The Accident That Led Me To The World (Nobody’s Favorite).
*Park Attack – Halfpast Human (Textile).
*Saint Jude’s Infirmary – Happy Healthy Lucky Month (SL).
*Six. By Seven – Club Sandwich At The Peveril Hotel (Saturday Night Sunday Morning).
*Soledad Brothers – The Hardest Walk (Loog).
*Spearmint – The Boy And The Girl That Got Away (hitBACK).

Single Reviews:
*A Million Billion – Volcano Season (Exercise1).
*Cherubs – Paper Cut Moon (Cargo).
*Duels - Animal (Nude).
*Elaine Palmer – Dadgad EP (Cosmos).
*Freemasons ft Amanda Wilson - Watchin (Loaded).
*Harlette – Don’t Call Me Creepy (Freedom Road).
*The Loungs – I’m Gonna Take Your Girl (Akoustik Anarkhy).
*Riotmind – Wrapped In Plastic.
*Rival Joustas – Animals.
*The Sweethearts – BOX7 (Dog Box).
*Swimmer One – BOX6 (Dog Box).
*The Tamborines – What Took You So Long? (Decadent).
*Xerox Teens – Round/Man It’s Hard To Beat A Woman (Big Bully).

Live Reviews:
*Boy Kill Boy. Liverpool Barfly Theatre. 03mar06.
*Gogol Bordello. Manchester Academy 2. 11mar06.
*The Like. Manchester Academy 3. 09mar06.
*Shitdisco. Liverpool Barfly Loft. 16mar06.

Zine Reviews:

Friday, March 03, 2006

In for the K and L.

Two more contributions from me good self for the Art of Noise encylopaedia.

At K, I submitted a piece on Killing Joke, which sits alongside the following: Keith;
Kentish Town Forum;
Kevin Keegan;
Kim Gordon;
Nat ‘King’ Cole;
Kings of Leon;
The Kinks;
& Kraftwerk.

For L, there's locomotives from me, some guff about the prominence of the train in song. That's joined by great gear on:
Lambchop – ‘Up With People’;
Lionel Richie;
‘Local Hero’ – Dire Strait;
London Calling – The Clash;
Lost Sides – Doves;
'Love To Hate You’ – Erasure;
and ‘Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds’ – The Beatles

Thursday, March 02, 2006

VP new reviews - 02mar06

The following now added to www.vanityproject.co.uk

Album Reviews
*A+E Line – Train Wrecks.
*Ant – Footprints Through The Snow (Homesleep).
*Babar Luck – Care In The Community (Rebel Music).
*The Bongolian – Blueprint (Blow Up).
*Charlie Parr – Rooster (Misplaced/Eclectone).
*David Francis – Fake Valentines.
*Hefner – The Best Of Hefner (Fortune & Glory).
*Jaed – Dirty Days (Instant Karma).
*Nalle – By Chance On Waking (Pickled Egg).

Single Reviews
*The Bleeding Hearts – You Bring Me To My Knees (Mother Tongue).
*The Bloom – Rinsing Boots.
*Elena - I Want You (Delicious).
*Glimr – Glamr (10Gev).
*Kypie – For The Silhouettes.
*Letters & Colours – Confrontation/Bigger Than Life.
*Lovemat – Between The Lines (Disturbia).
*The Marshals – Make Her Cry (Vertigo).
*Stop It You’re Killing Me – Waiting For Love EP.

Live Reviews
*Manchester vs Cancer. MEN Arena. 28jan06.
*The Scream, Kaputt, MiT. London Blow Up Metro. 25feb06.
*Shady Bard, Augustine. Birmingham Flapper & Firkin. 18feb06.
*White Rose Movement, The Violets. Liverpool Barfly Theatre. 01mar06.