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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

VP update 20jul05

Added to www.vanityproject.co.uk today.


*Albert Kuvezin & Yat Kha – Re Covers (Yat Kha).
*a.P.A.t.T. – LP (Lowsley Sound/aPehAt).
*Baikonour – For The Lonely Hearts Of The Cosmos (Melodic).
*Capstan Shafts – Demon Dog Of The American Park Service (Yellow Mica).
*Captain Comatose – Up In Flames (Playhouse).
*InMe - White Butterfly (V2/Pandora’s Box).
*Left Alone – Lonely Starts & Broken Hearts (Hellcat).
*The Levellers – Truth & Lies (Eagle).
*Nelson King – Acoustic (NKR).
*Orange – Welcome To The World Of Orange (Hellcat).
*Pennywise – The Fuse (Epitaph).
*Toupé – Burgers (Hackpen).
*Various – Heathen Angel Vol. 2 (Heathen Angel).
*Various – Rising Stars 2 (State Of Emergency).
*Various – This Is Horrorpunk 2…The Terror Continues (Fiend Force).
*Who Made Who – Who Made Who (Gomma).

*Ascoltare - Gallery (Dubbel).
*Being 747/The Lodger – DIY Prescriptions/Getting Special (Wrath).
*Bird Of Galapagos – We Are Holy, Not Even Earthly (Yellow Mica).
*The Black Tulips – Just Keep Coming.
*Engerica – My Demise (Sanctuary).
*Homespun – Effortless Cool.
*Javelins – We Paid A Lot For Our Style (Yellow Mica).
*Karn8 – Everything That You Despise.
*Morning Runner – Gone Up In Flames (Parlophone).
*My Enemy – Elil EP (Vapen & Godis).
*No Hope Astronaut – Demo.
*Redcarsgofaster - Sanctuary (High Voltage).
*Serotonin - The Forcefedlies EP.
*Space Siren – Verschwende Deine Jugende/Lullaby (Get Ready) (Transformed Dreams).
*Spektrum – May Day (Nonstop).
*Stuffy/The Fuses/The Secret Hairdresser – Sir Wants Sex/Copier (Wrath)
*The Swear – Repeat It Repeat It EP (Filthy Little Angels).
*Switchfoot – Dare You To Move (Columbia).
*Tinnitus – Filthfit Or Thirteen.
*Tokyo Eye – Vindictive (Vapen & Godis).
*Tuco - The Shrinking Process (Robot).
*We Are Scientists – Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt (Virgin).

*Architecture In Helsinki, Brubeck. Liverpool Barfly Theatre. 08jul05.

*I’d Rather Be Fat Than Be Confused #7

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Box social fires back up

The comedy review offshoot from VP has some content for the first time in a while. A review of Richard Herring's sadly disappointing 'Someone Likes Yoghurt' show that is currently previewing around the country before an Edinburgh Fringe run is now available to view.

A review of Laurence Clark's show should appear tomorrow.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Synapse shot to the mind's ear #3

Half Man Half Biscuit - Dickie Davies Eyes

Fairly simple reason for this. Two simple reasons, actually.

Inspiration 1:

The office radio, well net stream (when not commandeered to Radio 6 by meself) often plays the hits and Mylo's 'In My Arms', with it's Kim Carnes 'Bette Davis Eyes' sample, creates an automatic shift to Nigel Blackwell's response to the original. Although I am quite fond of the 'Bette' one, I'm not ashamed to say.

I'd say Mylo's was the best of the recent trend to rip anthemic 80's pop rock choruses and stitch them to a kickin' disco beat for the kids, but it's getting pretty old pretty quick. By Christ, even Yes are getting a revival.

Perhaps we should start a new quiz on this blog. Guess the 80's vaseline-lensed vaguely-classic pop-nugget that will be ripped by some hack remixer next? Belinda Carlisle's 'Heaven Is A Place On Earth' perhaps, but fellow Go-Go Jane Wiedlin's 'Rush Hour' gets my vote. Yes it was done in '96 by sadly forgotten Irish noiseniks Joyrider, but that was a pretty close guitar rendition. Expect beats and a soft-porn video soon. Sigh.

Other guesses welcome in the comments. Any that actually occur will win the guesser a lovely biscuit.

Inspiration 2:

I notice that a 'Greats of ITV Wrestling' DVD has been made available, with a reinvigorated, handsomely-'tached Dickie Davies providing new links, or so I am led to believe. What more could you want? A look into a simpler, more innocent age of 'sports entertainment' - ideal.

Was quite the wrestling fan in the early 90s and had the pleasure of witnessing Pat Roach, Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks and Nagasaki perform in the flesh (and lots of it in the case of Shirley and the 'Stacks, god rest 'em) at Portsmouth Guildhall and, err..., Leigh Park Community Centre.

There is a picture in existence of a just-about-still-pre-pubescent me with the late Mr Crabtree, but it's sadly been a bit mangled and probably wouldn't scan too well.

Not sure if I want to rush out and buy the DVD, but I have my memories! Great days.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

VP: little and fairly often (again)

Due to a change in circumstances for Sue, our printer in Portsmouth, the paper version of VP will now be printed closer than 300 miles away from its place of production and therefore overcomes the deadlines created by the logistical vagaries of my trips south.

As such, VP will be going back to its roots, becoming once again a 12 page affair that will likely come out more regularly, when it's ready, rather than at a set time when copies can be picked up easily while I'm visiting the folks.

This is not to say that Sue's efforts were unappreciated. Far from it - in effect her help and support kept VP going between issues 5 and 14, donating a stack load of paper, ink and time in return for a small advert for her graphic design company.

It has to be said though, this relieves the pressure a bit, and as such putting together the paper edition no longer feels like work, and is enjoyable again. This bodes well for the mag's longevity.

I'd like to think thats a good thing for more than just me, but I'm counting no chickens.